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.Absolutely love Zumba w/ Michelle. She is so energetic and it spreads to everyone. So grateful for her classes.
Love Zumba with Michelle!!!!
I'm sad to say next week will be the last time I get to zumba with Michelle : ( My husband is getting out of Army and we are moving back to OH. I have been taking Zumba classes for the past 8 years at different places in different states. And I can honestly say that Michelle is by far the best instructor I have ever had! She makes her class so fun and enjoyable, all while sweating away the bad stuff ; ) You really do rock Michelle!!
Michelle, thanks for teaching us some cool moves last night. The Deutschsprachige Frauen Netzwerk had a blast. You are the Best!!
Michelle! Thank you for an amazing workout today! From you weekly workout daily post and finding what my body is pushed by I'm starting to feel like me again and able to find the joy in working out. Thank you for today! I loved it! Everything was just what I needed!